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Useful Thai words

As you know, Thailand is a land of smiles. The Thai people are easy to approach and will be all smiling when you try to speak to them in Thai and that will add to your pleasure during your stay in Thailand.

There is one important thing you should remember in learning to speak Thai, that is the Thai language has five tones with four tonal marks. They are the mid tone, low tone, falling tone, high tone and rising tone. There are many groups of words which have the same sound but with different tones and meanings. For example, the word suai can mean bad luck (suai), bribe (suai1) or beautiful (suai4), depending on the tone.

To prevent you from pronouncing with the wrong tone and unintentionally cause misunderstanding to the listeners, here we will use four numbers to represent four tones: 1 = low tone, 2 = falling tone, 3 = high tone and 4 = rising tone. The mid-level tone syllable will be unmarked.

(Note : Thais use the word 'khrap' (for men) and 'kha' (for women) to end the sentence or phrase spoken to show politeness. For example, when you want to say 'hello' in Thai, if you are a man, you say 'sawatdi khrap' and if a woman, 'sawatdi kha'.)
Screen Thai Keyboard here

suai4 mak2 very beautiful
mai2 suai4 not beautiful
chop2 mak2 like a lot
mai2 chop2 not like
na2 rak3 lovely, nice
sa1 nuk1 (mak2) It's (great) fun.
mai2 sa1 nuk1 no fun
di (mak2) (very) good
mai2 di not good, bad
a kat1 ron3 The weather is hot.
a kat1 nao4 The weather is cold.
a kat1 yen The weather is cool.
fon4 tok1 It rains.
phoum4 rak3 khun I love you.(used by men)
chan4 rak3 khun I love you.(used by women)
phoum4 chop3 khun I like you.(used by men)
chan4 chop3 khun I like you.(used by women)
sa1 wat1 di Hello
sa1 bai di rue4 How are you?
sa1 bai di (I'm) fine.
khop1 khun thank you
kho4 thot2 Excuse me.
bai3 bai Good bye
laeo3 joe kan mai1 See you again.
khun chue2 a1 rai What's your name?
phom4 chue2
My name is . . .
(used by men)

di1 chan4 chue2

My name is . . .
(used by women)
chan4 chue2 My name is . . .
(used by women or men)
yin di thi2 dai2 ru3 jak1 khun Nice to know you.
Getting around
khun ja1 pai nai4 Where are you going?
chan4 yak1 ja1 pai I want to go to…..
sa1 nam4 bin airport
sa1 tha4 ni rot3 fai railway station
rot3 mei bus
rot3 yon car
rot3 fai train
khrueng2 bin airplane
pai2 rot3 mei bus stop
tha1 non4 road, street
soi lane
trong pai go straight ahead
leo3 sai3 turn left
leo3 khua4 turn right
kham2 tha1 non4 cross the road
Accommodation & Places
rong raem hotel
hong2 phak3 (hong2) room
mi hong2 wang2 mai4 Any room available?
khuen la3 thao2 rai1 How much per night?
hong2 nam3 bathroom
hong2 suam2 toilet
hong2 (ran3) a han4 restaurant
prai sa1 ni post office
ta1 lat1 market
tha3 na khan bank
rong pha3 ya ban hospital
thou2 rai1 How much?
phaeng pai Too expensive
lot3 dai2 mai4 Any discount?
kho4 du an nan3 noi1 Let me see that.
kho4 long an ni3 noi1 Let me try this.
man lek3 pai It's too small.
man yai1 pai It's too big.
chan4 mai2 chop2 si4 ni3 I don't like this colour.
mi si4 uen1 mai4 Do you have other colours?
nueng1 one
song4 two
sam4 three
si1 four
ha2 five
hok1 six
jet1 seven
paet1 eight
kao2 nine
sip1 ten
sip1 et1 eleven
sip1 song4 twelve
sip1 sam4 thirteen
yi2 sip1 twenty
yi2 sip1 et1 twenty one
yi2 sip1 song4 twenty two
sam4 sip1 thirty
40 si1 sip1
nueng1 roi3 one hundred
song4 roi3 two hundred
nueng1 phan one thousand
nueng1 muen1 ten thousand
nueng1 saen4 hundred thousand
1,000,000 nueng1 lan3
one million
sip1 lan3 ten million
nueng1 roi3 lan3 hundred million
1,000,000,000 nueng1 phan lan3 one billion
Time & Days
ki1 mong laeo3 What time is it now?
wan ni3 today
phrung2 ni3 tomorrow
muea2 wan ni3 yesterday
ton chao3 in the morning
ton thiang2 at noon
ton bai1 in the afternoon
ton yen in the evening
ton klang khuen at night
wan a thit3 Sunday
wan jan Monday
wan ang khan Tuesday
wan phut3 Wednesday
wan pha3 ru3 hat1 (sa1 bo di) Thursday
wan suk1 Friday
wan sao4 Saturday
Food & Eating
a han4 chao3 breakfast
a han4 klang wan lunch
a han4 yen dinner
khao2 plao1 plain rice
khao2 phat1 fried rice
khao2 phat1 mu4 fried rice with pork
khao2 tom2 rice gruel
kuai3 tiao4 (nam3) noodle (soup)
tom2 yam kung2 spicy shrimp soup
som2 tam spicy papaya salad
kha1 nom4 pang bread
mu4 pork
nuea3 beef
pla fish
kai1 chicken
kai1 yang2 roasted chicken
kung2 shrimp, prawn
pla muek1 squid
pu crab
khai1 egg
khai1 dao fried egg
khai1 tom2 boiled egg
khai1 jiao omelette
phon4 la3 mai3 fruit
phak1 vegetable
nam3 yen cold water
nam3 khaeng4 ice
nam3 ron3 hot water
ka fae ron3 (yen) hot (cold) coffee
cha ron3 (yen) hot (cold) tea
nam3 som2 khan3 orange juice
a roi1 (mak2) (very) delicious, tasty
phet1 koen pai too spicy
wan4 koen pai too sweet
khem koen pai too salty