Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok National Museum is one of the biggest museums in Southeast Asia.
Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok National Museum is located in Front Palace, the former viceroy’s palace in Phra Nakhon, next to The National Theatre and The Temple of Emerald Buddha. The museum was opened by King Chulalongkorn in 1874 to display the royal collections of King Mongkut.

It is the first national museum in Thailand to showcase the history, archaeology, ethnology, and art of Thailand. This collection features precious treasures made of stones and gold, textiles, carved ivory, ceramics, antique weaponry, musical instruments, Khon masks, etc.

3  permanent exhibitions:

  1. Ethnological and Decorative art collection
  2. Gallery of Thai History
  3. The Art History and Archaeological Collections

3 main exhibition buildings:

  • The Red House in the style of the early Bangkok period, which represents the royal way of life.
  • Buddhaisawan Chapel. The frescoes inside show scenes from the Buddha’s life.
  • Siwamokhaphiman Hall with the Thai History Gallery.


The entrance fee for foreigners is 200 THB. There is no gated entry and you can probably ‘sneak-in’ without a ticket but there are few manned check-points to check your tickets.


OPENING HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm

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Bangkok National Museum is an astonishing collection of 3,000 years of Thai history. The gilded royal carriages are impressive. A short walk from the Grand Palace. The exhibitions are very well prepared and interesting. Coming to the National Museum, you can see not only examples of classical Thai architecture, but also historical and cultural artifacts representing the Kingdom and its history. You will have to take your shoes off often because you are entering religious places. A small café and a fine store also help fill the time.

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