Democracy Monument

The monument is dedicated to the constitutional monarchy establishment
Democracy Monument in Bangkok

Democracy Monument is placed on Thanon Ratchadamnoen. It’s a public monument in the center of Bangkok.

The monument is dedicated to the Siamese coup d’état of 1932 (also known as “Siamese Revolution of 1932” and “1932 Revolution”), leading to the constitutional monarchy being established.

The cornerstone was laid on 24 June 1939 and on 24 March 1940 the building was completed.

Democracy Monument in Bangkok
Democracy Monument

It is a reliquary statue of a palm leaf manuscript box holding the Constitution of Thailand on top of two golden bowls for offerings above a circular tower of copper 3 meters high, which has a weight of 4 tons on a base in a sphere-shaped shape at the top. The base is raised with small steps. The constitution is safeguarded symbolically by four wing-like structures with relief carvings and tiny fencing encircling the monument. Originally, 75 small cannons were located around the outer ring of the monument.

The wings are 24 meters in height, the same radius as the base of the monument, commemorating the fact that the 1932 coup occurred on June 24. The 3 meter high box symbolizes the third month or June ( April was initially the first month of the year) when the coup happened and stands for the 3 mighty powers (judicial, executive and legislative). In addition, the 75 small cannons around the outside ring of the memorial symbolize the coup year – 2475 according to the Buddhist calendar.

Democracy Monument in Bangkok
Democracy Monument

The chains symbolize the cohesion of the revolutionaries. The four high reliefs at the bottom depict the procedure of the revolutionary board during their session and the making of the revolution on June 24, 1932. The six gates of the tower symbolize the six declared policies of the regime of Phibul: ” independence, domestic peace, equality, freedom, economy and education”.


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During the military dictatorships, demonstrators often gathered here, calling for a return to democracy, notably in 1973, 1976, and 1992.

Nowadays Democracy monument serves as a rallying point for the new generation of democracy activists.